Real Properties

Ever since its formation, Chui & Lau has been providing a whole range of property-related services to both corporate and individual clients. We represent clients in the following matters with the aim of solving their problems and maximizing gain.

  • Development, sale and renting of different projects: development and sale of project for listed developers in Hong Kong

  • Real properties mortgage bank finance

  • Shopping mall tenancy

  • Tenancy agreements: domestic, commercial and industrial

  • Sale, transfer, and gift of various real properties

  • Real properties disputes

  • Sale and purchase and exchange of land and buildings in New Territories

  • Tenders and auctions

  • Building Management related works including DMC enforcement, advice to Incorporated owners and other stakeholders, building management dispute resolution

  • Stamp duty advices

Furthermore, we are on the approved solicitors list of all major banks in Hong Kong.
house keys with signed settlement document and pen; signatures are fictitious